4th OpenFOAM® User Meeting

United Kingdom & Éire

18-19 April 2016

Homepage Day 2 presentations timetable

Day 2 presentations timetable

Time Name Title
09:30 Philip Cardiff Updates on a Block-Coupled Solver for Linear Elasticity
09:50 Edward Ransley RANS-VOF modelling of floating Tidal Turbine Concepts
10:10 Deborah Greaves A Collaborative Computational Project in Wave Structure Interaction
10:30 Arshad Mehmood Potential flow solver in OpenFOAM for free surface simulations
10:45 Pedro Martinez Coupling compressible and incompressible two-phase flow solvers in a numerical wave tank
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Julien Maes Challenges and possibility of modelling reactive transport in carbonates rocks at the pore-scale
12:10 Aleksander Dubas It's little things that matter: Improving Speed and Stability in OpenFOAM
12:30 Hrvoje Jasak Numerics Improvements and Validation Results: FOAM-Extend
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Hassan Kassem FSI for aeroelastic applications using modal approach
14:20 Recep Kahraman Heat Transfer in 3D-printed Heat Exchangers
14:40 Abdesselem Khenien OpenFOAM in the food industry: application to pastries
15:00 Group discussion
15:30 Day close

Day 2 poster display

Ben Ashby
Optimisation of Tidal Turbine Arrays through the use of Surrogate Modelling and the ParEGO Optimisation Algorithm
Ben Johnson
Development of free-spinning wind turbine representations for CFD
Ben Ashby; Matt Howard; George Hyde-Linaker; Tom March
Wind Farm Modelling with OpenFOAM
Gregor Cvijetić; Hrvoje Jasak
Harmonic Balance Method for Turbomachinery Applications

Gregor Cvijetić; Hrvoje Jasak
Harmonic Balance Method for Unsteady Periodic Flows
Inno Gatin; Vuko Vukčević; Hrvoje Jasak
Implementation of the Higher Order Spectral Method for Nonlinear Wave Propagation in FOAM
Vuko Vukčević; Hrvoje Jasak
Interface Jump Conditions: Eliminating Spurious Velocities in Free Surface Flows
Vuko Vukčević; Hrvoje Jasak
Validation and Verification of Decomposition Model based on Embedded Free Surface Method For Oblique Wave Seakeeping Simulations

Vuko Vukčević; Hrvoje Jasak
Seakeeping Validation and Verification using Decomposition Model Based on Embedded Free Surface Method
Vanja Škurić; Hrvoje Jasak
Numerical Model of Sediment Transport in Free Surface Flow
Hrvoje Jasak; Inno Gatin; Vuko Vukčević
Simulations of Resistance, Sinkage and Trim of KCS in Calm Water Condition Using OpenFOAM
Inno Gatin; Hrvoje Jasak; Većeslav čorić
Simulations of Wave Loading on Static Structures Using OpenFOAM

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